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The automated comparison of invoice details against carrier contracts ensures that errors and oversights come to the surface immediately.

iTEMize Provides Data for Benchmarking Telecom Costs Against a Company’s Peers

Reston, Virginia – August 31, 2009 – The new issue of “The mis-Adventures of Telco Bill” introduces benchMARK, who provides current data for comparing telecom costs against the industry market rates. Armed with this information, a company can gain further insight into its telecom spend and enhance its negotiating position with all service providers to trim Telco Bill.

As a “best practice”, benchmarking can be performed from the carrier data that is extracted, aggregated, normalized, and presented by iTEMize and then applied against market data. This gives a company a better indication of what its telecom costs should be and how much could be saved by negotiating better deals.

“Many companies do not know if their telecom costs are too high, which may remove the incentive to check for better deals,” said Peter Callowhill, co-founder and CEO of iTEMize Technologies. “This puts them at a severe disadvantage when negotiating with carriers.”

iTEMize 3.0, the company’s innovative Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software, offers businesses of all types and sizes the ability to reduce their telecom costs.

Mr. Callowhill said benchMARK represents another tool that companies can use to produce and go beyond the initial cost savings uncovered by iTEMize. He noted the experience of one recent customer where potential savings of 11% on a total wireline spend of $650,000 per month were identified, equating to first-year savings of $858,000.

For businesses that already use iTEMize, Callowhill said benchMARK demonstrates the ongoing value of the application. “It not only leverages the investment they already have in the iTEMize service, it improves the ROI on their technology assets,” he said.

benchMARK (n) − a point of reference against which something is measured.

Surcharge (n) − a fee added to the usual cost of a service without prior approval.

Analyze (v) − to evaluate the condition of an accounting-related item and possible reasons for discrepancies.

Mistake (n) − an error or blunder.

Validate (v) − to assure the certainty or validity of; to establish as true.

Anomaly (n) − a deviation from the norm; something strange, unusual, or unique.

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