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The automated comparison of invoice details against carrier contracts ensures that errors and oversights come to the surface immediately.

Business Analytics Capabilities of iTEMize 3.0 Help Drive Competitive Advantage

Reston, Virginia – June 30, 2009 – In the continuing series, “The mis-Adventures of Telco Bill,” iTEMize Technologies introduces Anne L. Eyes, who uses Business Analytics to reveal unnecessary charges buried within Telco Bill.

With the Business Analytics capabilities of iTEMize 3.0, the company’s innovative Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software, organizations can identify patterns in accumulated data and provide key insights that help drive fact-based decision making and uncover additional cost savings.

“iTEMize offers businesses the ability to transform information assets into true competitive advantage,” said Peter Callowhill, co-founder and CEO of iTEMize Technologies. “Along the way, they can obtain actionable reporting of telecom costs, generate solid documentation for dispute resolution, and maintain the integrity of their telecom budget – all necessary for competing effectively in the global marketplace.”

Mr. Callowhill said Anne L. Eyes shows how seemingly legitimate service provider charges may actually turn out costing businesses more than they need to pay. Without the means to automatically discover billing anomalies, probe deeper into the data, and trace historical patterns, a business often leaves itself exposed to unnecessary financial risk.

Callowhill noted the powerful impact and major benefits Business Analytics had on one financial institution: “The service provider had double billed mileage charges on multiple circuits for many years, resulting in overpayments totaling one million dollars.” Callowhill also noted that by discovering and then thoroughly documenting this long-term trend, the bank was able to secure a $1 Million credit on that account, stop the unnecessary billing, free up capital, and restore confidence in its budget process.

Analyze (v) − to evaluate the condition of an accounting-related item and possible reasons for discrepancies.

Mistake (n) − an error or blunder.

Validate (v) − to assure the certainty or validity of; to establish as true.

Anomaly (n) − a deviation from the norm; something strange, unusual, or unique.

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