The Party Committee of the Company Delivers A Thematic Talk on the Honest Occupation for All

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In order to fully implement the requirements for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party, promote the construction of a clean and honest Party and raise the Party leaders’ awareness of integrity and self-discipline, in recent days, Zhao Guoang, Secretary of the CPC  Committee and Chairman of the company, Chen Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC  Committee and President of the company, and Li Yimin, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, have a thematic talk on the honest occupation for all with the leaders of the head offices and the leadership teams, the persons in charge of Human Resources Departments, the Party and Mass departments, and Discipline Inspection Departments of eight subsidiaries of the company successively. Leaders of the company including Zhou Yuan, Chen Zhiming, Du Daoyou participated in the talk.

On May 25, Zhao Guoang and his delegation went to Chengdu company for investigation and had a thematic talk on the honest occupation with the leaders of Chengdu company; on June 2, Zhao Guoang had a thematic talk on the honest occupation with the leaders of Wuhan company, Xi’an company, China Light Industry Construction Co., Ltd. and China Light Industry International Engineering Co., Ltd.  when attending the training for mid-level and high-level leaders organized by Haisum; on May 27 and 29, Chen Rongrong led the team to Nanning company and Guangzhou company for investigation and had a thematic talk on the honest occupation with the leaders of Nanning company, Guangzhou company and Changsha company respectively; on May 28, Li Yimin had a thematic talk on the honest occupation with the leaders of the head offices.

During the talk, the leaders of the company pointed out that with a purpose to strengthen daily supervision and give priority to education and prevention, this talk was not only an important measure to implement the inspection feedback of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), but also a specific work of the Party Committee of the company to implement the responsibility system for building a clean and honest Party. The talk mainly emphasized three requirements: first, adhere to a clear-cut stance for political orientation. We must be firm in our political ideals, stand firmly in our political position, and strictly observe political rules and discipline. Second, strengthen mission awareness and fulfill duties faithfully. We must have the character of having the courage to take responsibility, the spirit of being good at innovation and the ability to lead changes and take actions bravely, make innovations, have the courage to do practical things and open a new pattern. Third, insist on honest occupation with awe. We must establish a strong sense of discipline and insist on honesty to cultivate morality and regulate the family.

During the talk, the principal responsible persons of the head offices and subsidiaries made their statements that they would strengthen political study, improve the political stance, strengthen responsibility, adhere to the pursuit of truth and pragmatism, make bold exploration and innovation, and firmly set up the development concept of “Haisum is a family with every member sharing the same interests” to make contributions for a new pattern of Haisum’s high-quality development.

Carrying out talks about honesty is a routine work by the Party Committee and the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the company in order to implement the “two responsibilities” of the construction for a clean and honest Party. This talk spread over the whole company and delivered the “two responsibilities” firmly level by level.

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