Zhao Guoang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Haisum, and Other Leaders Visit Xi’an Company for Investigation

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       On May 13, Zhao Guoang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Haisum, and other leaders visited Xi’an company for investigation and guidance. Luo Jun, the Chairman, Xu Lin, the Secretary of the Party Committee, other leaders and backbones of Xi’an company participated in the investigation symposium.

       Wang Wei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Executive Deputy General Manager of Xi’an company, firstly reported the overall operation, organizational reform, governance results and development direction of the company from January to April to the leaders of Haisum. The leaders attending the meeting also supplemented in combination with their scope of work respectively. At the meeting, everybody had a heated discussion on the work carried out and the difficulties faced in the operation, management and cultural integration of Xi’an company being the trustee of Guangzhou company for more than half a year, and the leaders of Haisum made suggestions to solve the “difficulties” and “key spots” in the work.

       Chen Rongrong, the President, affirmed the phased results achieved since the trusteeship and integration, and put forward requirements for further integration: first, integrate the business resources at the company level and turn individual behavior into team operation; second, highlight the culture leading and advocate the philosophy of “striver first”; third, further clarify the company’s meeting procedure, improve the trusteeship process and fully integrate the human resources, technical management, etc.; fourth, reform the performance evaluation system and let part of the backbone staff enjoy the reform dividends; fifth, do a good job in information platform construction, link the finance, project and other management system of Guangzhou company, and improve work efficiency; sixth, work with Guangzhou company to expand and enhance the western markets such as the food technology market and the cold chain logistics market, and discuss the cold chain logistics, carbon neutralization and integration and other sectors; seventh, further sort out the core technology of Xi’an company and increase business publicity.

       Finally, Zhao Guoang, the Chairman, made an important speech, and put forward requirements and hopes from four aspects. First, “handle the relationship between reform, development and stability”. He stressed that reform was imperative, requiring sincerity, courage and perseverance. To promote development and reform, we should not only have a sense of urgency, but also make steady progress on the basis of doing a good job in ideological work. Second, “handle the relationship between market, management and technology”. The market is the “heaven”. We should focus on customers, clarify the four markets, and transform from decentralized survival to centralized development. The technology is the “earth” and foundation. We should, taking technology as the foundation, do a good job in market and management, and enhance the construction of core competitiveness. The main object of management is people. We should set up the excitation mechanism to mobilize people’s initiative. Three of these should be promoted in an integrated manner. Third, “handle the relationship between Haisum, Guangzhou company and Xi’an company”. The trusteeship management method of Guangzhou company has been reviewed and approved by Haisum, and Guangzhou company should further formulate the management rules and must strengthen the institutionalized management. Fourth, “handle the relationship between the past, the present and the future”. Xi’an company should sort out and inherit the existing highlights in the technology management, and advocate the enterprise spirit of “striver orientation”. At last, we should do a good job in the structure planning of the 14th Five-year Plan and make solid progress.

       On behalf of the leadership team of the company, Luo Jun stated that although the reform process shall face various difficulties, he believes that Xi’an company shall bring the spirit of old Qin people into play, implement and promote the 14th Five-year Plan in a down-to-earth manner and strive to achieve the new development, with the support from leaders of Haisum and the joint efforts of Guangzhou company and Xi’an company.

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