Zhang Wanshun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of SinoLight Corporation,Delivers Statement on Strengthening Consciousness of Honest Work and Maintaining the Purity of the Party to the Leadership of Haisum

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On May 18, the delegation led by Zhang Wanshun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of SinoLight Corporation visited Haisum Shanghai head office to deliver a statement on strengthening the consciousness of honest work and maintaining the purity of the Party to the leadership of Haisum Group and Haisum Daily Chemical Company. Xiao Jinlong, Assistant to the General Manager, Director of the Organization Department of the Party Committee and Director of the HR Department of SinoLight Corporation, Luo Jie, the Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Director of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department and Ning Jing, the Director of the Party Committee Office attended the meeting presided over by Luo Jie.

Zhang pointed out that the statement on this subject was not only a specific measure for inspection and rectification, but with the purposes of learning, encouragement and warning education. He emphasized four requirements: firstly, focus on study with diligent thinking and thorough understanding. "Learn" in its true sense, strengthen belief in true learning and faith; "think" with a conscience to raise the awareness of the Party spirit through learning and understanding; truly "understand" to promote work through comprehensive understanding. Secondly, support politics, distinguish right from wrong, and improve skills. It is necessary to establish a firm political consciousness with steady political stand and improve political capabilities. Thirdly, stress responsibility, be good at innovation and opening up. We must have the character to take responsibility and the spirit to be good at innovation and the duty to abide by the rules, keep up with the national strategy, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, focus on "one core" and "three organic combinations", tap the potential of bench-marking and make "five new" achievements in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Fourthly, emphasize integrity, establish a new style and set an example. We must establish a strong sense of discipline and insist on honesty, self-cultivation and integrity. We must comprehensively recognize our responsibility and mission, always be strict in self-disciplines, pioneering and enterprising, making satisfactory outcomes for the development of the Group Company with a good and pragmatic style and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC with remarkable achievements!

Afterward, Zhao Guoang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Haisum and Feng Yimin, Secretary and General Manager of the Party Committee of SinoLight Corporation made speeches respectively on behalf of the leadership of the two companies. Zhao claimed that firstly the leaders of Haisum shall insist on learning, thinking and understanding in the true sense and set a model of exemplary learning. Regarding learning as a political responsibility, work requirement, and spiritual pursuit, we strive to be the vanguard of the Group's profound reform and innovation and development; secondly, we must adhere to political leadership and set good examples. We should continuously improve political judgment, comprehension, and execution capability to strengthen the awareness of promoting Haisum's transformation and upgrading, improve the ability to prevent and resolve risks, and effectively implement the requirements of the Group’s Party Committee in the process of corporate reform and development; thirdly, we must persist in seeking truth and being pragmatic and being a model of responsibility undertaker. We must be resolutely courageous in reform, establish a correct outlook on political achievements, be bold in bearing heavy burdens, dare to gnaw hard bones to shape a new Haisum in the new era with innovation and change; fourthly, we must adhere to orders and prohibitions and set an example of discipline. We must strengthen learning, focus on key points with long-term effect, take the lead in observing rules and regulations and form a long-term mechanism with systems to establish rules and procedures to manage people. Feng said that the leadership of SinoLight Daily Chemicals shall firstly insist on continuous learning for quality improvement; secondly, always put political construction in the first place; thirdly, persist in emancipating the mind and strengthening responsibility; fourthly, take the lead to be strict in self-discipline.

Zhang Mingzhong from the Human Resources Department of SinoLight Corporation, members of the leadership team of Haisum and the heads of the Party Office, Human Resources and Discipline Inspection Departments attended the meeting.

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