Delegation Led by Sinolight Corporation's Chief Economist and Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and Company Chairman Zhao Guoang Visited the Chengdu Subsidiary

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On October 27, the delegation led by Sinolight Corporation's Chief Economist and Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and Company Chairman Zhao Guoang, Chief Financial Officer and the Secretary of the Board of Directors Lin Lin and Haisum's Vice President Chen Zhiming visited the Chengdu subsidiary.

During the meeting, Chengdu subsidiary's Chairman Zhang Qing made a report on production, operation, organizational structure and cadre adjustment and mainly illustrated the work related to the formulation and planning of 14th Five-Year plan, including core competence, planning objectives, implementation schedule and assurance measures. The heads of production departments of Chengdu subsidiary shared about their working plans. The operation teams of Chengdu subsidiary respectively made a brief summary on production departments under their charge.

After listening to the briefing, Haisum's leaders made their comments. Lin Lin pointed out that Chengdu subsidiary has a clear view and specific ideas about its future development and all its departments have a correct positioning and a brand-new look. For the next step, Chengdu subsidiary should reinforce cost management and focus on the overall benefits while carrying forward development.

In Chairman Zhao Guoang's summary speech, he recognized the efforts of Chengdu subsidiary's new leader team and emphasized that all cadres and staff should follow the guidance of the new leader team and adhere to the idea of insisting on breakthrough, improvement, integration and innovation; adapt to the changing environment, persist in problem- and objective-oriented development and further improve through reform and innovation to resolve practical issues. Chairman Zhao stressed that Chengdu subsidiary should follow four points in terms of overall planning, specifically, laying a firm foundation, increasing quality while making up shortages, promoting project and operation management step by step, and enhancing the system construction and execution. Chengdu subsidiary should adhere to the missions as a central state-owned enterprise, constantly create values while bearing social duties in mind. Based on future orientation and development-focused strategy, the company should lay emphasis on risk control, process management, technological R&D and technology development. Chairman Zhao stressed that the Corporation would always care for and support Chengdu subsidiary and expressed his hope that the staff would set new targets, formulate feasible measures and make significant achievements under the leadership of the new management.

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