Delegation Led by Deputy Director of Poly Group Risk Management Center and Director of Safety Supervision Department Du Junhong Conducted Safety Inspection of Haisum BeiGene Project

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On August 27, the delegation led by Deputy Director of Poly Group Risk Management Center and Director of Safety Supervision Department Du Junhong, Deputy General Manager of Sinolight Corporation Ren Jianping, Deputy General Manager of Poly Development Shanghai subsidiary Hu Jian and other leaders carried out safety inspection on the general contract project of BeiGene Pharmaceutical R&D Center of Haisum. Deputy President of Haisum Zhou Yuan and relevant personnel from the safety production management department of the Company accompanied the inspection.

At the on-site forum, Director Du Junhong first conveyed the greetings of General Manager Zhang Zhengao of Poly Group, and after listening to the report on the overall situation of the project, the key and difficult points of the project, related measures, and the development of the pharmaceutical industry by General Manager Lv Weiliang of the Sixth Design/Engineering Department of the Company headquarters, emphasized that the Company shall: 1. Organize and convene special meetings, study and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping's important statements and instructions on production safety, establish and improve safety management systems, and avoid slack in safety management. 2. Follow the Three-year Action Plan for Special Rectification of National Work Safety by the Work Safety Commission of the State Council and the group's implementation plan, conscientiously implement it in light of actual production, and formulate scientific and effective prevention and control measures. 3. Effectively enhance the awareness of production safety, implement the main responsibility of production safety and manage the construction site carefully to ensure the smooth construction.

Subsequently, Deputy President Ren Jianping conveyed the instructions of Chairman Zhang Wanshun of Sinolight Corporation on safety management, requesting Haisum to strictly implement the main responsibility of safety production and pay close attention to safety production. In accordance with the requirements of "equal responsibilities of the Party and the government, double responsibilities of a post, co-management and accountability for negligence", work safety should be put first, ensuring effective security work and avoiding safety accidents at all costs.

At the construction site of the project, the delegation led by Mr. Du carefully checked and inquired about the on-site equipment and facilities, personnel safety protection, and safety production ledger management, fully recognized the efforts of the project team in ensuring safe production and operation, and encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts to ensure the orderly progress of project construction.

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