Delegation Led by Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and Company Chairperson Zhao Guoang Visited and Inspected Nanning Subsidiary of Haisum

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On August 19-20, the delegation led by Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and Company Chairman Zhao Guoang visited and inspected Nanning Subsidiary of Haisum. The delegation inspected the development of Nanning subsidiary and the implementation of major projects, and offered guidance on the team building and cadre selection of Nanning subsidiary. Haisum's CPC Committee Deputy Secretary and Company President Chen Rongrong, Haisum's CPC Committee Deputy Secretary and Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Li Yimin, the Chief Financial Officer and the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Company Lin Lin, Vice Presidents Zhou Yuan, Jin Shan, Chen Zhiming and relevant functional department heads participated in the survey.

On the morning of August 19, the delegation led by Company Chairman Zhao Guoang organized a symposium and delivered an important speech, where he applauded the efforts of Nanning subsidiary in the development process and reiterated the direction of reform and work deployment proposed at the semiannual working meeting of Haisum, and put forward new requirements for the work of Nanning subsidiary in the next stage: First, new findings. Make full use of the position advantages of Nanning as a bridgehead for opening up to the outside world, tap the development potential, give play to the spirit of shrewdness and kindness, openness and tolerance, seize opportunities, deepen reforms, and lead employees to move forward and embark on a new journey. Second, new starts. Integrate high-quality resources and promote the construction of the 14th Five-Year Plan; specify the direction of development, and promote intelligent transformation, general contracting, and whole-process consulting services; deepen the overseas market, strengthen risk prevention and control, and strive for innovative and high-quality development. Third, new objectives. Set goals high, do things calmly, and keep an open mind. Make a good plan for the establishment of institutions and talents, fully follow the strategic layout, dominate the key areas of talents, technology, market, and management with new ideas and new methods, and pursue new objectives with first-class teams to tell the story of Haisum well. Forth, new breakthroughs. Emphasize risk prevention, strengthen cash flow management, focus on solving historical problems such as difficulty in payment collection, and avoid risks such as lack of funds, short construction periods, and simple registration. Fifth, new integration. Ensure vertical integration with the headquarters and horizontal coordination between associate organizations, set common goals, and create high-quality development of the Company with problem-oriented, goal-driven, reform-assisted and innovation-energized strategic thinking, so as to truly realize "all personnel of Haisum are family members who pursue the same dream".

President of the company Chen Rongrong pointed out that it is necessary to improve the image and clarify the positioning of the Company during the work. It is necessary to continuously improve the work system and process system, plan resource optimization and sharing, standardize procedures, clarify responsibilities, minimize risks, and maximize efficiency. While maintaining the traditional advantages, the Company should enhance its awareness of innovation, improve its competitiveness in core technologies, and promote the healthy development of the Company.

Tang Mingming gave a detailed report on the basic situation and development environment of Nanning subsidiary, the 14th Five-Year Plan ideas, as well as suggestions on Haisum's development. Haisum's leaders commented on the report one by one according to their responsibilities and put forward valuable suggestions for the future operation and development of Nanning subsidiary.

During the survey, the Company leaders also participated in the democratic evaluation meeting of cadres organized by Nanning subsidiary, and interviewed the middle and senior management cadres one by one.

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