Sinolight Corporation Held the 14th Five-Year Plan Seminar at Haisum

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On August 13, 2020, the delegation led by Guo Jianquan, CPC Committee Deputy Secretary, Director and General Manager of Sinolight Corporation, carried out the 14th Five-Year Plan survey and held a planning seminar at the headquarters of Haisum. Yu Haixing, CPC Committee Deputy Secretary, Director, and Executive Deputy General Manager of Sinolight Corporation, Ren Jianping, CPC member and Deputy General Manager, as well as the principals of Corporate Management Department, CPC Committee Office, Office of Board of Directors, HR Department, Financial Department, and Law Affair Department participated in the survey and the seminar.

A total of 41 personnel from the leaders of Haisum and functional departments of the headquarters, principals of production departments, as well as key employee representatives attended the meeting, and a total of 62 personnel from the leaders of subsidiaries outside Shanghai and the principals of related departments attended the meeting via video.

The meeting was presided by Xiao Dan, assistant to the General Manager of Sinolight Corporation, and the director of Corporate Development Department.

At the meeting, Du Daoyou, assistant to the director of the Corporate Development Department of Sinolight Corporation, introduced the newly revised 14th Five-Year Plan outline of Sinolight Corporation and put forward relevant preparation requirements by going after the 14th Five-Year Plan of Poly Group. Next, Haisum's CPC Committee Deputy Secretary and Company President Chen Rongrong reported the production & operation of the Company in the first half year as well as the progress of key work. Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and Company Chairman Zhao Guoang gave a comprehensive report on the preparation of the Company's 14th Five-Year Plan (draft), as well as the key planning contents and implementation of development & reform in 2020, and clearly stated the main objectives, implementation plans and safeguard measures of Haisum during the 14th Five-Year plan.

After hearing the report on the preparation of the Company's 14th Five-Year Plan (draft), the survey team of Sinolight Corporation communicated with the Company's participants on the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan and related work. The leaders of the Company and functional departments of the headquarters, principals of production departments, key employee representatives, as well as the leaders of subsidiaries communicated their opinions and put forward some positive suggestions on the Company's planning goals and implementation in terms of their division of labor and work functions. The relevant departments of Sinolight Corporation also offered some suggestions in the aspects of the Company's planned target stock and increment, international business plan and development, institutions and mechanism, development direction of subsidiaries, corporate governance compliance, talent training mechanism, and production safety.

The leaders of Sinolight Corporation gave their comments respectively.

Deputy General Manager Yu Haixing requested the Company to speed up the development speed while accomplishing the business development pattern and industrial innovation of the listed company. Deputy General Manager Ren Jianping requested the Company to make benchmark analysis, come down to the ground to prepare practical, feasible and ambitious plans.

General Manager Guo Jianquan put forward four opinions on how the Company should accelerate the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan and implement the annual production & operation and development & reform work: First, it is necessary to effectively improve the understanding of the scientific preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission. The second is to strengthen the analysis and judgment of the internal and external development environment, and improve the foresight and predictability, practicality and continuity, advancement and feasibility of the 14th Five-Year Plan. The third is to accelerate the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan in accordance with the requirements for the preparation. The fourth is to strengthen accountability and implement responsibilities, and vigorously complete the 2020 business goals and key tasks of development and reform.

General Manager Guo Jianquan also emphasized the safety production and prevention & control of integrity risk.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Zhao Guoang expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the group company for their instructions and suggestions on the preparation of the Company's 14th Five-Year Plan, and made a statement: The first is to implement "problem orientation, target traction, reform assistance, innovation empowerment", in order to lay the foundation for the Company's next development. The second is to handle the four pairs of contradictions: long-term and short-term, income and profit, quality and speed, and management and motivation. The third is to implement the plan in stages. The Company's reform and development tasks are imperative, and all tasks must be focused. The Five-Year Plan period should be divided into two stages: reform and adjustment, and innovative development. The first two years of the reform and adjustment stage also shall be divided into three steps, the first step is to build the structure and lay the foundation, the second step is to improve quality and make up for shortcomings, and the third step is to seek long-term and promote development. The fourth are expectations and efforts. The Company shall conduct further study on the planning objectives in accordance with the requirements of the group company, to be forward-looking and also assured for implementation. The Company must clarify its development objectives, be proactive and enterprising, never slack in achieving high-quality development.

The meeting put forward great opinions and suggestions by considering and sorting out the strategic planning, which is crucial to the overall planning and improvement of the Company's 14th Five-Year Plan. Next, the Company will earnestly implement the instructions of the leaders of the group company by combining the suggestions and opinions of relevant departments, accelerate the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, ensure that the preparation of the plan is completed according to the timeline, and achieve innovation and quality development through the group's 14th Five-Year Plan.

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