Delegation Led by Deputy Chief Accountant Deng Changqing of Poly Group Visited and Inspected Haisum

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On August 26, Deputy Chief Accountant of Poly Group Deng Changqing, Financial Management Center personnel of Poly Group Li Hui and Yu Yanlong visited and inspected Haisum. Sinolight Corporation's Chief Economist and Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and Chairman Zhao Guoang, Director of the Sinolight Corporation's Finance Department Gao Yonglin, Chief Financial Officer and the Secretary of the Board of Directors Lin Lin, and the heads of related management departments participated in the survey report meeting.

Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and Company Chairman Zhao Guoang expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Deputy Chief Accountant of Poly Group Deng Changqing, and briefed about the overall situation of the Company and next steps of work. According to the report outline issued by the Group, the Chief Financial Officer and the Secretary of the Board of Directors Lin Lin introduced the development history, organizational structure, business segments, and the completion of production and operation of Haisum in detail, and made a key report on the company's capital management, overseas capital management, capital concentration and financing.

After listening to the reports, the Deputy Chief Accountant Deng Changqin recognized the outstanding achievements made by Haisum in enterprise production and operation, financial system management, innovation, development, reform and intelligent information construction over the years, and gave important instructions for the Company's development: 1. Firmly seize the strategic opportunities of the 14th Five-Year Plan, fully explore the potential of the light industry, and strive to enhance the differentiated competitive advantages of the enterprise. 2. Focus on the systematic construction of finance, strengthen the capability of managing capital and identifying internal control risks, and improve the level of corporate capital management. 3. Carefully sort out the existing business, liquidate and withdraw from the long-term lossmaking business with little hope of making profits, and fill the fund gap as soon as possible. 4. Organize and carry out financial personnel management training, standardize system construction, improve process mechanism, focus on the main business to improve work efficiency. 5. Promote intelligent and information construction in combination with the strategic positioning, and provide new ideas and new perspectives for the overall development of Poly Group. Mr. Deng said that as a listed subsidiary of Sinolight Corporation, Haisum possesses outstanding core professional capabilities and strict internal management, hoping that under the leadership of the new team, the Company can enjoy sustainable and healthy development as per the "four first-class" requirements.

Finally, the Company Chairman Zhao Guoang said that Haisum will study and implement the spirit of Mr. Deng's speech earnestly, conform to the development requirements of the new era, focus on market operation and system construction, pay attention to scientific and technological investment and management innovation, cultivate new business forms from multiple perspectives, create new models, extend the industrial chain, drive up quantity through qualitative growth, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and continue to promote the quality and healthy development of the company.

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