Forge Forward Against Headwind with Solidarity: 2020 Annual Work Conference of Haisum

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Haisum hosted 2020 annual work conference on May 13 following current victory against the novel coronavirus, in a bid to form consensus and better deploy reform and development tasks for the year. Presided over by Secretary of the CPC Haisum Committee and Haisum Chairman Xu Datong and featuring keynote speeches from Chairman Xu and Haisum President Zhang Jianxin, the meeting was attended by the group's leadership, chairpersons and general managers of various subsidiaries, and heads of relevant divisions and departments at headquarters.

Chairman Xu Datong delivered an address titled Forge Forward Against Headwind with Solidarity. To begin, Chairman Xu recapped and analyzed the Company's production and business in 2019 and the first four months of 2020, as well as disease prevention and control situation of Haisum's overseas projects. Thereafter, Chairman Xu laid out the key tasks for 2020 and stipulated specific requirements:

First is the confirmation of uniform arrangement of work related to the composition of the 14th Five-year Plan, stating that the planning and progression in the year's development and reform objectives constitute a major performance indicator tied to the annual evaluation and remuneration of the Company's main leadership members.

Second is the orderly advancement of development and reform objectives for 2020: Construction of the seven major platforms requires plans and executions, and periodic targets have to be set and tracked in order to ensure the desired performance; uniform management has to be realized in order to fully elevate the Company's collaborative capacity; it is necessary to intensify business development in the environment protection and tobacco industries, and speed up the expansion of overseas markets and push forward internationalization 2.0 strategy once the International Department's Beijing official commences formal operation; steps shall be taken to improve capital operation efficiency, and maximize financing functionality of publicly listed platform through methods such as accelerating the incubation of the EIM Center project, using capital to promote extensions of the industry and unveiling stock incentives at the appropriate moment; and it is imperative to heighten investments in digital transformation by focusing on the construction of the EIM Center and intelligent operation. In addition, EIM Center has to start official operation by July 1 this year as a salute to the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Party, and actions shall also be taken to continually raise technical capacity, strengthen farsighted research in core technologies, and earnestly carry out work related to 2020 manufacturing industry high-quality development project application.

Third is to heighten business risk management and control, strictly implement the “three principles” and extend the application of this principle to beyond its original scope. It is necessary to report "major project, major progress and major loss" in a timely manner, and also to earnestly carry out the propagation, execution, supervision and inspection of management systems such as EPC Project evaluation system.

Fourth is to continue with management innovations, earnestly perform cadre adjustment, management and assessment, build a younger cadre team, and continue to persist in the "five priorities" and advocate the integrations between business and care, business and profit, business and risk control, business and law compliance, and between business and discipline.

Chairman Xu also called on all leaders to forge forward against headwind with solidarity under the present dire times, and encouraged everyone to uphold the sense of responsibility and the unwavering resolve "to yearn to wear the crown and be willing to bear its weight" and to believe that "success does not have to be mine alone, but success has to have my contribution".

In the speech titled United to Overcome Dire Times, Valiant in Advancing Forward, Upholding Righteousness amid Innovation, Strive to Expand and Develop, Haisum President Zhang Jianxin recapped and summarized Haisum's 2019 business performance and progress of major tasks. Weighed down by economic uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zhang Jianxin demanded everyone to earnestly implement the spirits conveyed in President Xi Jinping's speeches about coordinated progress in novel coronavirus control and prevention and socio-economic development, relevant policies and deployments announced by the CPC Central Committee, SASAC and Poly Group, and under the premise of adequate novel coronavirus control and prevention measures, steps shall be taken to strengthen confidence, reinforce belief, solidify sense of responsibility, and pragmatically push forward the various major tasks for 2020. These include, firstly, to elevate political standing and Party-building endeavors; secondly, to make keen judgments of current circumstances and substantively promote the composition of strategic plan; thirdly, to cultivate an ambitious culture and continue intensifying market expansion efforts; fourthly, to continue cementing foundation, and thoroughly raise comprehensive abilities and collaborative capacity; fifthly, to fill out the different tiers and ranks of the work force to prepare for the Company's future expansion; sixthly, to implement capital operation and maximize financing functionality of publicly listed platform; seventhly, to underscore risk management and control to ensure the steady growth of the Company; and eighthly, intensify brand promotion and bolster corporate culture.

At the conference, other attendees including Haisum Vice President Zhou Yuan and leaders of subsidiaries spoke and delivered speeches with regard to production and operation situations at the headquarters and various subsidiaries, resumption of work and production, normalized disease control and prevention measures, progressions in missions related to the 14th Five-year Plan and reform and development, and progress in key projects and key tasks in the first four months of this year.

In order to strengthen management and control of general contracting projects and effectively identify and mitigate different kinds of risks, the conference specially invited Li Meng, General Manager of the Haisum Project Management Department, to speak about and analyze the Haisum EPC Projects Evaluation and Management Methods.

At the conference, Xu Datong and Zhang Jianxin also represented the CPC Haisum Committee and administrative leadership to sign Letter of Responsibility and Commitment for Construction of Clean and Honest Party and Administration (2020) and Letter of Responsibility and Commitment for Safe Production (2020) with the various subsidiaries.

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