Haisum Won Bid for "Reconstituted Tobacco Production Line Project of Taicang Haiyan Tobacco Sheet Co., Ltd. of Shanghai Tobacco Group"

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In recent days, the production departments at Haisum headquarters have been fully committed to shaking off impacts from the novel coronavirus pandemic and operations of projects have shifted into high gear. Just days ago, with the emphatic support of company leaders and the unfaltering perseverance of the project team, Haisum won the tender for the design of the Reconstituted Tobacco Production Line Project of Taicang Haiyan Tobacco Sheet Co., Ltd. of Shanghai Tobacco Group (“the Project”).

The Project is located within the factory complex of Taicang Haiyan Tobacco Sheet Co., Ltd. To be undertaken at a cost of approximately RMB409 million, the project features 20,000 square meters in floor space and is anticipated to become a joint workshop reconstituted tobacco with an annual production capacity of 7,500 tons.

The successful outcome in the bidding process is an action guided by the Company's development strategy, another noteworthy case in Haisum's continual innovation founded upon its proficiency in papermaking tobacco sheet technology, and also an industry feedback to the Company's reputation for sustained dedication to solid operation and service. Since the start of the partnership with Taicang Haiyan Tobacco Sheet back in 2003 for the design of the latter's phase one project, Haisum has been industriously serving the client for 17 years over the span of several generations of designers. During the bidding process, the Haisum project team conducted in-depth analysis of project and function requirements, customized the design proposal to specifically address actual needs of the client, and fully showcased Haisum's advantages including extensive experience in the design of tobacco sheet projects, extraordinary professionalism and precise design positioning, ultimately enabling the Company to distinguish itself from competition and win the tender!

The Project is yet another significant tobacco sheet project after a string of other major undertakings such as the Reconstituted Tobacco Experimental Production Line Renovation Project of Jiangsu Xinyuan Tobacco Sheet Co., Ltd., Papermaking Reconstituted Tobacco Production Line Project of Fujian Jinmin Reconstituted Tobacco Development Co., Ltd., Papermaking Tobacco Production Line Project of China Tobacco Anhui Industrial Co., Ltd., and On-site Technical Transformation Project of Hubei Xinye Tobacco Sheet Development Co., Ltd., marking a firm step of Haisum in the tobacco industry. The Company's project team will rely on the copious experience cumulated and technical prowess honed during past tobacco sheet endeavors, and tirelessly strive for the creation of an "internationally advanced and domestically top-notch" project.

Other than the successful bid for the Project, Haisum has also scored the tender for a tech depot of China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Co., Ltd., and third-party appraisal for Harbin Tobacco Factory.

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