Haisum Won Bid for Design of Construction Schematics for the Zhejiang Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine Industry Park

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On April 22, 2020, it was announced that the Huangjiu Design Team of Haisum's First Design/Engineering Department (“the First Department”) won the bid for the Zhejiang Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine Industry Park (production and production support zone) phase I design.

Zhejiang Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine Co. is the first Chinese huangjiu, or "yellow wine," producer to go public and is currently one of the largest huangjiu-makers.

In order to help Guyuelongshan to realize its aspiration of becoming a Shaoxing yellow wine production base noted for cutting-edge processes and technologies, environment friendliness, energy efficiency and intelligent attributes, the First Department's design team employed automatically controlled huangjiu production process under the premise of preserving the traditional qualities of the yellow wine. Upon completion, the project will become the country's first mechanized, automated and intelligent huangjiu production complex, as well as the model factory in the nation's huangjiu industry. At the same time, the project will also double as a world-class fine wine industry park that can host industrial tourism and normal visits.

Ever since the success with the country's first mechanized huangjiu project with 10,000 ton-capacity back in the 80s, the First Department has put together an incredible portfolio consisting of more than 20 huangjiu projects for over ten well-known enterprises including Guyuelongshan, Kuaijishan Shaoxing Rice Wine, Xitang Jiashan, Jinfeng Wine, Ningbo Sanli, Shanghai Hi-Story, Tonglihong (TLH) Wine, Mige, Guangdong Pearl Red Spirits & Wines and Jimo Laojiu, with the design for many huangjiu projects winning national first prize and second prizeawards. After more than four decades of work, practice and inheritance by several generations, the First Department has accrued extensive engineering experience in the yellow wine industry. The winning of the tender for the design of the Zhejiang Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine Industry Park project will no doubt erect yet another company milestone in the huangjiu industry where Haisum has already established a long-standing and prominent presence.

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