Uphold Clean and Honest Governance Bottomline, Promote Responsibility and Achievement: Haisum Hosted Collective Lecture and Job Integrity Education for Newly Appointed Cadres

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To further strengthen education and management of the Company's Party leaders and cadres, on the morning of April 8 the CPC Haisum Committee hosted a collective lecture and work integrity education for newly appointed cadres. CPC Haisum Committee Secretary and company Chairman Xu Datong participated in and delivered an important address at the meeting, which was presided over by CPC Haisum Committee Deputy Secretary and Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Li Yimin.

Personnel involved in this lecture were nine newly appointed cadres at deputy or above levels in functional departments or production departments. Newly assigned Deputy General Manager of the Third Department Xu Chen participated via video conference as he was stationed at a Marubeni project located in Vietnam.

At the meeting, Xu Datong represented the Company's CPC Committee in congratulating the newly promoted cadres and pointed out that this dialogue is a specific action of care undertaken by the Company's Party Committee to ensure that every cadre understands the bottom line, takes up duty valiantly and makes new contribution beneficial to the Company's growth at their new positions. Xu emphasized three points:

First is to elevate one's standing and establish three senses—sense of macro perspective, sense of responsibility and sense of excellence. At present, the Company is under siege from the COVID-19 pandemic, but the more dire the times the more valuable Party cadres, so everyone needs to constantly remember the macro perspective of the Company's development and reform, shoulder and withstand the responsibility and pressure in the new positions, face challenges head on and overcome obstacles. Second is to perform in earnest the jobs and duties of one's position and to play the model role in four aspects—a model of diligence, contribution, pragmatism and discipline that demonstrate responsibility, magnanimity and respect. Third is to adequately observe the integrations between business and care, business and profit, business and risk control, business and law compliance, and between business and discipline, so as to contribute to the Company's aspiration for high-quality development. Chairman Xu reminded the new cadres that, in the face of the arduous challenge of work and production resumption under the novel coronavirus outbreak, it is necessary to demand oneself of higher standards, earnestly and substantively perform one's duties, and live up to the faith and expectation of the various levels of leaders and comrades with outstanding work performance, so as to earn respect for oneself, for one's family and for the organization.

Li Yimin put forth three specific areas of demands to the newly appointed cadres on behalf of the Company's CPC Committee Discipline Inspection Commission. First is to strengthen responsibility, gaining understanding and insight about situations and being prepared. Second is to pursue substantive results in work, and persist in acting with integrity, working with practicality and executing with austerity. Third is to uphold the bottom line of workplace moral and honesty, upkeep the praiseworthy tradition of diligence, and persist in a clean and disciplined code of conduct. He stressed that new cadres must increase the extent of their study and understanding of socialist thoughts with Chinese characteristics proposed by President Xi Jinping in the new era, spirits of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and spirits in the Party-building conferences of state-owned enterprises, carry out the requirements demanded of cadres of state-owned enterprise, and implement the "one position, two responsibilities" model.

At the meeting, the newly assigned cadres watched a job integrity education video, discussed about the matter and expressed their opinions.

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