Paying Attention to Both Epidemic Prevention and Production, the Company in Good Order on the First Day of Work Resumption!

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February 10 is the first workday of the new year's "work resumption". In the face of COVID-19, under the strong leadership of the Party committee of the company, all departments took the epidemic prevention and control as their primary work. They pay attention to preventing and controlling the epidemic to ensure the health and safety of employees while emphasizing production and management to ensure production order. They pay attention to two aspects and jointly deal with difficulties.

According to the requirements and work arrangements for the epidemic prevention and control of the Party committee of the company, the Party Committee's Working Department, the General Affairs Department, the President's Office and other relevant departments worked overtime during the Spring Festival to properly publicize epidemic prevention and control. They purchased disinfection and protection articles, disinfected and arranged the canteen and working area to ensure that the prevention and control measures are fully implemented and the overall environment of the company is clean, safe and comfortable.

At 8: 00 a.m., the employees returned to their posts one after another, and party member volunteers took temperature measurement at the gates of Baoqing Road and Taojiang Road.

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