Haisum Holds the Founding Conference of the Procurement Committee and the First Working Conference

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On January 3, Haisum held the founding conference of the Procurement Committee and the first working conference. Chairman Xu Datong, President Zhang Jianxin and vice president Zhou Yuan of Haisum attended the conference and gave speeches. Leaders in charge of procurement work and department heads in charge of procurement of subsidiaries and relevant personnel of Procurement Department of Haisum attended the conference. The conference was presided over by vice president Zhou Yuan.

President Zhang Jianxin announced the establishment of Procurement Committee of Haisum and member list.

At the first work conference, representatives introduced the procurement organization framework, responsibilities and main tasks, procurement system, procurement management regulations and operation modes of each company, and conducted a special discussion on the Materials Procurement Management Measures of General Contracting Projects of Haisum (discussion draft). Cao Xingbai, manager and executive member of Procurement Department of Haisum, summarized the opinions of all parties and worked out the preliminary idea and plan for the work of Procurement Committee of Haisum in 2020.

Zhou Yuan, vice president of Haisum and director of Procurement Committee attended the conference in the whole process. He stressed that Haisum has put forward the construction of "seven management platforms" in the Strategic Development Plan for 2018-2022, and Procurement Committee is the first implementation project of the platform construction. This project builds the information sharing platform service from a professional perspective, and the subsidiaries standardize the procurement process through network information intercommunication, which is an important assurance for the project to obtain profit, avoid risk and guarantee quality. He also emphasized that procurement management should be forward-looking and match with the main business. In addition, it is necessary to have correct positioning, neither standing high above the masses nor just carrying out the recitation process. President Zhou put forward specific requirements on the tasks and ultimate objectives of Procurement Committee this year.

President Zhang Jianxin made a speech. President Zhang said that it is of great significance to establish Procurement Committee of Haisum and defined the positioning of the procurement platform in the Strategic Development Plan for 2018-2022. He put forward "three expectations" for the construction of the procurement platform. First, the procurement work should be more detailed; second, the cost of general contracting should be reduced a little; third, the total profit of general contracting should be a little more.

In his summary speech, chairman Xu Datong explained the important role of an excellent procurement team in an engineering company through examples, and pointed out that for the overseas general contracting business of Haisum at the exploration stage, procurement specialization is the systematic management of profit, progress and quality. He raised requirements that: first, to do a good job in database accumulation; second, to do a good job in supplier management; third, to standardize the procurement process; fourth, to reasonably plan logistics and transportation. He hoped that Haisum should raise the overall procurement professional level as soon as possible, and truly bring considerable benefits to the project through professional operation of procurement.

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