The Company Convoked a Symposium on Thematic Education Learning of "Staying True and Keeping in Mind the Missions”

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To solidly advance the intensification of the education on "staying true and keeping in mind the missions", the party committee of the Company convened a symposium on thematic education learning of "staying true and keeping in mind the missions" on July 23. Bian Junyi, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of the Company, Li Yimin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, and other 20 party members from the Work Department of Party Committee, the Office of Discipline Supervision & Investigation, and the party committee branches attended the symposium.

Based on the overall arrangement for thematic education implementation program, the Party Committee of the Company organized the thematic education activity on "gaining knowledge from theoretical study, enhancing ideological and political stance, actively shouldering responsibilities in entrepreneurship, solving difficult problems for people, and setting an example in terms of honesty and integrity" by following out the general requirements on "staying true to the mission, assuming the mission, identifying the gaps, and attaching importance to implementation". At the symposium, Ma Lan, Director of the Work Department of Party Committee conveyed the spirit of the working session of Poly Group on re-mobilization, redeployment and re-implementation for the thematic education on "staying true and keeping in mind the missions", communicated the Company's thematic education implementation program and learning plan, and made arrangement for the next step in promoting thematic education; the participants talked about their understandings, feelings, experience and plans with respect to thematic education, conducted extensive exchange from perspectives of improving effectiveness of party building based on production operations, enhancing the working quality of party committee branches, and intensifying clean governance building, and brought forward some suggestions and comments for the Party Committee of the Company to carry out on thematic education in a more favorable manner.

At the symposium, Bian Junyi emphasized three requirements on how to properly carry out thematic education: First, gain knowledge from theoretical study. Thematic education must be organized to improve the capabilities of Party members and cadres to perform reform and innovation, seek scientific development, participate in mass work, intensively enhance capabilities of implementation, and control risks. Second, dare to take on responsibilities for starting businesses. It's essential to organize thematic education so as to further inspire the spirit of the struggle of the party members, to take "responsibility shouldering" as an ambition, a responsibility, and a pursuit, "dare to do", "be able to do" and "make achievements", and fulfill the trust and strive ahead in all kinds of work. Third, be an example in terms of honesty and integrity. It's essential to properly control the "steering wheel" of power and properly tie the "safety belt" of integrity based on the "20-word" criteria brought forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping for the leaders of state-owned enterprises so as to set a convincing benchmark and example for party members and the masses of the staff and workers.

Li Yimin conveyed the spirit of the circular of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Poly Group on the implementation of thematic education, and emphasized three requirements: First, Party members and cadres have to improve their political stance, go ahead and set an example to more stringent criteria and requirements, make every effort "to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment", enhance "the confidence in the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics", and resolutely live up to "the two safeguarding's" and "the four obedience’s". Second, each party branch shall keep up with the requirements of the thematic education organized by the Party Committee of the Company, complete the specified work, and shall constantly improve the performance of each party committee branch and department in various assignments based on problem finding and rectification & implementation. Third, it's important to be pragmatic and inquisitive, put key emphasis on finding gaps and facilitating rectification, and strictly avoid formalism and bureaucracy based on the efforts for rectification and implementation. The new core competitiveness of the Company shall be created by giving priorities to party building and discipline inspection through concrete and fruitful efforts.

Additionally, the symposium communicated the focuses of the party committee and the commission for discipline inspection for the present year; the participants watched and learned the video "Public Class of the Party Constitution for the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China - Discipline of the Party".

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