China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Awarded Safety Demonstration Organization in Shanghai in 2018”

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China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. under Sinolight Corporation won the honorary title of "Safety Demonstration Organization" in Shanghai in 2018 granted by the Judicial and Legal Affairs Committee under CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee a few days ago. This award aims to recognize the contributions made by enterprises in promoting security guard, improving the quality of safety building, firmly establishing the sense of safety responsibility, and actively creating a safe and stable social environment.

For quite some time, the Company has been attaching great importance to the building of safe organization, holding to the work policy of "Safety First and Prevention Foremost", constantly intensifying the screening and comprehensive control of hidden dangers, and earnestly fulfilling all liabilities in terms of safety building. The Company will further intensify the safety building, improve the prevention and control capacity, consolidate results of building, and create a healthy, harmonious and safe atmosphere for enterprises development.

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