Leaders of the Company and Their Delegation Paid a Special Visit to "Symphony - Haisum International Summer Camp”

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Early in the morning on July 4, when the sun rode high in the sky, Shanghai Symphony Music School at South Shaanxi Road was crowded with people; the familiar laughter resounded. Xu Datong, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum Engineering Co.,Ltd., Li Yimin, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection and other leaders paid a special visit to "Symphony - Haisum International Summer Camp" and attended the camp opening ceremony.

In recent years, the Company has given great impetus to the "four sub-projects" to enhance employees' sense of well-being and fulfillment. As summer vacation approached, to effectively alleviate the "difficulty in child care" in front of working couples, the Labor Union, League Committee, General Services and other key departments, with care and support from the Party Committee of the Company, took active actions and worked again with Maple Leaf & Symphony Kindergarten to launch a seven-week "Symphony - Haisum International Summer Camp".

As a feature card of pro-people project at Haisum, this "summer camp" represents an all-round upgrade of the first summer care class last year. Planned carefully, the Camp employed more sophisticated management and more abundant contents of staffing, curriculum setup and interest cultivation etc., and introduced a team of foreign teachers so that the love summer care class was more compliant with new educational ideas.

At the opening ceremony, the company leaders interacted with children happily. President Xu and Secretary Li kindly distributed gifts to the children, wishing them a happy, safe and meaningful summer holiday.

Heads of the Party Committee, Labor Union and League Committee, as well as the related departments attended the camp opening ceremony.

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