Yu Haixing, Executive Vice President of Sinolight Corporation Paid a Survey Visit to Our Company

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On May 30, Yu Haixing, Executive Deputy General Manager, Deputy Party Secretary and Board Member of Sinolight Corporation came to our company for a special survey and gave audience to the reporting on key topics such as strategic planning. Xu Datong, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., Li Yimin, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhou Yuan, General Manager of the Headquarters and other leaders received President Yu and his party.

At the survey symposia, Xu Datong presented detailed reporting on the general information about production and operation from January to May, the publicizing and implementation of strategic plan, the reception of the Corporation's inspection team, the coordination of operation, the progress of major projects, the current difficulties, etc. Li Yimin and Zhou Yuan etc. presented supplementary description of tour inspection, internal synergy, and progress of main project.

Upon completion of the reporting, Yu Haixing affirmed the progress of various assignments at China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. this year, and brought forward specific requirements for further development. First, it's essential to give play to the functions of headquarters and perform down-to-bottom management; focus on providing support and guidance to subsidiaries that are in difficulties at present; attach great importance to indices such as new contracts; spare no pains for production operation and market development. Second, it's important to adhere to the "system first" principle, perform fair and equitable internal coordination, and give play to the "resultant efforts" of stock company. Third, retain customers for current overseas and domestic major projects, and place stress on various risks. Yu Haixing gave instructions and requirements on specific issues such as the development of investment and financing platform, business vehicle management, and office building promotion for subsidiaries, etc.

Relevant superintendents of the Investment Company and the Office of Discipline Supervision & Inspection attended the symposium.

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