Good News: The Company Signed the Contract with Huafeng Technology on Procurement, Installation and Project Management regarding Paper Machine 3#

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On January 12, the three-party signing ceremony for procurement, installation and project management of dedicated devices for Paper Machine 3# of the 65,000 t/a production line of supporting paper for cigarette products of Zhejiang Huafeng Paper and Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Anji, Zhejiang Province. Xu Datong, Party Secretary and President of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., Wang Haipei, Chairman of Huafeng Group, and Yu Dingrong, Chairman of China Light Industry Construction were present at the signing ceremony and signed the contract on behalf of the three parties.

The predecessor of Zhejiang Huafeng Paper Group is Hangzhou Huafeng Paper Co., Ltd., a backbone company for cigarette paper production founded in 1993. Its predecessor is Huafeng Paper Mill founded in 1922 as the first machine-made paper manufacturer in Zhejiang Province, and the first cigarette paper manufacturer in China. With the strategic transformation and development of Huafeng in recent years, China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. has provided excellent-quality services by dint of its expertise for the new plant construction of Huafeng in respect of consultation, design and project management contracting, having thus turned into a reliable partner.

President Xu expressed his thanks to the high affirmation given by leaders of Huafeng Group to Haisum. He promised to cherish the opportunities of cooperation with the century-old brand Huafeng, adhere to the tenet of "customer loyalty and customer first", and keep on providing Huafeng Group with satisfactory services. He required Department III and China Light Industry Construction engaged in the project to give full play to their professional advantages, and do the best to assure the high quality of Paper Machine 3# project.

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