The Paper Machine 2# Transformation EPC Project of Green Forest (QingXin) Paper Industrial Limited Contracted by the Company Reached Its Design Capacity

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At the beginning of the new year, a good news came from Green Forest (QingXin) Paper Industrial Limited that the Paper Machine 2# transformation project of Green Forest (QingXin) Paper Industrial Limited contracted by our Design/Engineering Department III successfully reached its design capacity (design operating speed). This marks a higher level we reached in respect of the proprietary technology R&D of acceleration & upgrading of paper machine, having laid a solid foundation for the expansion of Paper Machine 3# of Green Forest and the power plant transformation later.

The project owner, Green Forest (QingXin) Paper Industrial Limited under Hop Fung Group is one of the four listed papermaking companies in Hong Kong. This giant enterprise has maintained a good cooperative relation with the Company. This project is 250,000 t/a kraft liner board transformation project, where the Company’s EPC comprises the transformation of some equipment in pulping plant and the transformation of some equipment in papermaking plant (transformation engineering design, equipment supply, installation, training, and assistance in commissioning). Since November 9, 2016 when the design contract and bulk equipment purchase contract were signed, key technical directors Shen Guodong, Yuan Youming and Shen Bing have worked closely with the design and purchase teams under the direction of the leading team of Department III to overcome the harsh site conditions and the short downtime and stringent requirements for transformation. Within less than 40 days of downtime installation, they finished the project in advance beyond what’s expected through accurate design, efficient connection and intensive time management: The design speed of paper machine increased from 700m/min to 850m/min under stable operation thanks to the transformation; moreover, the consumption per unit of product and the physical indicators were remarkably improved. By helping the owner to increase profits in the context of dramatic rise of finished paper price, we satisfied the owner again.

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