The team of Chairman Niu Yuan of general contract branch, China Exploration and Design Association surveyed in our company

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On Apr.7th, the team of Chairman Niu Yuan of project management and general contract branch, China Exploration and Design Association surveyed in our company, followed by the vice-secretary of the branch Fuhai Qi, two experts Peilin Liu and Dongdong Chen. The president Datong Xu received the honored guests with Manager Yunjie Ma of management department. The president Datong Xu welcomed the visitation of the team of Chairman Niu Yuan warmly in the beginning, then introduced the development situation of general contracting business since the reformation of Haisum to the guests. More than ten years since reformation, Haisum put “becoming a general integrator and contractor providing one-stop engineering services in the whole process” as the development strategy, the business changed from “a piece of drawing” to “an industrial chain”, the business income increased from 400 million in 2003 to 5.5 billion in 2014, the business of general contract accounted more than 70% of the total business volume, achieved the strategic transformation from designing institute to engineering corporation. In recent years, the company also opened up oversea businesses, great progress has been made in the project management personnel training and information management. The Chairman Niu Yuan appraised the development thoughts in promoting general contracting work in projects highly, and expressed special congratulations to the leading roles in light industry in recent years. He also asked the implementation situation of information management, international market development and so on. The Secretary Fuhai Qi introduced the working status of 2014 and work arrangement of 2015 of the association on behalf of the association. The two parties also conversed some specific works about the development of oversea general contract, project management system, personnel training and so on, and expressed that the two parties shall strengthen communication and cooperation, exert the guiding role of the association. At last, the Chairman Niu Yuan send his message to Haisum, shall put the development of international market as the key points of following work, utilize the geographical superiority of Shanghai headquarter and the advantage of capital operation in quoted company, so as to make an international brand of Chinese project company.
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