The Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinolight Group, Mr. YAN Baocheng makes inspection in China Haisum Co.

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Mr. YAN Baocheng, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinolight Group, with Mr. YANG Jianjun, the minister of organization, came to China Haisum Co. for an inspection on Oct. 17th. Initiated with a speech by Mr. Yan, some important suggestions on how to effectively go through the election of China Haisum Co. Party committees and discipline inspection commission was stated in the conferrence. Mr. YAN cited a lot of concepts on the Sinolight regular business meeting that recently held, and basically introduced the business situation until Sept. this year, He highly recommended on the marks China Haisum already got in these years. Mr. YAN passed along the news that China Haisum got the reward of honorary title “The Distinguished Group” in China central state-owned enterprises. All the employees in China Haisum Co. were encouraged to immerse themselves to make greater progresses for the company by him.

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