The Botian sugar industry achieved the production target

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        After the trial production started on 8,Nov,2012 and output sugar on 11,Nov, 2012, recently, the good news came again from BSO Zhangbei Botian sugar industry. On December 6, 2012, qualified  soft white sugar output by Zhangbei Botian industry reached the standard of refined sugar, better than excepted. The daily processing capacity of sugar beet has continuously reached, even may exceed 4100 tons / day, more than the average  capacity of 3500 tons sugar beet. Moreover, the energy consumption of this production line is lower than any other  factories of this kind in China. This shows the project construction has achieved a complete victory!
        BSO Botian Zhangbei project covers an area of 340618 square meters, a total construction area of nearly 80000 square meters. The reasonable arrangement of construction procedure and process in construction management, fully coordinated construction and installation unit to effectively solve the cross work, strive for the precious time for the project construction; no casualties in this project, no accident of loss of working time, becoming even the most secure AB Food engineering construction history of benchmarking project of British sugar.
         In the review report, the owner highly affirmed the work done by Haisum.
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