Exploring the new path of Party-building and promoting the transition and development -- As reported by Shanghai enterprisereferring Haisum's Party-building activities

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        A few days ago, Haisum, together with Shanghai Enterprise magazine, wrote on the topics of the 'secretary interview',' party building introduction' and 'advanced typical' in 3 columns and 8 pages to report Haisum’s excellent the Party-building activites comprehensively.

        The Shanghai enterprise is a magazine hosted by Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association. the ' magazine exclusively published 3 reports, which titled as 'tolerance and integrity towards success'--the interview of Yan Xiaojian, secretary of CPCC of Haisum', 'exploring the new path of Party-building , realizing transition and development--the essay of Party-building theory' and ' virtue develops with wisdom--the story of the outstanding CPC member Li xin of Haisum', from the perspective from top management group to first-line employee, to show the rapid progress made by Haisum comprehensively.

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