Haisum was awarded the 2012 Shanghai outstanding engineering consultingachievement prize

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      Recently, the Engineering Consultting Industry Association in Shanghai announced the " 2012 Shanghai outstanding engineering consulting achievement award i" .Haisum entitled 3 projects on the list, including 1 second prize and 2 third prizes. It once again demonstrates that Haisum holds the advantage in the field of engineering consulting. The prizes are listed as follows:
      The second prize:
      1. The major special tech-reform project application report of the new ultra high speed packaging unit of     Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd
      The third prize:
      1. The feasibility study report of transferring off-gas to ethanol project demonstrative project of gas plant, Baosteel
      2.The developing project of energy saving assessment report of Zhabei Kerry City, Phase Ⅲ
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