The second staff congress of China Haisum closes successfully

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The second staff congress of China Haisum was held on 8th ,July.
Xue Ying , the executive chairman of congress; Bian Jun Yi, vice-president of China Haisum , Li Nong, President of the labor union of China Haisum and Zhou Li Feng, the director of Economic Audit Committee have made some speeches on the meeting. And managers from their departments made some explanations about the proposal meanwhile. After the discussion about the meeting proposals among the representatives in groups, some of the proposals had been made a conclusion on the spot. The labor union will follow the rest of proposals in order to make sure all of them will be dealt with and the results could be published on the next staff congress.
At last, President Yan XiaoJian made a speech . He appreciated the contribution that everyone made for Haisum and the suggestions that the representatives made. At the same time , President Yan showed his own opinion about the five proposals and one suggestions .
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