A Historic Meeting with East China Engineering Science and Techonolgy Corporation

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      The top management group of East China Engineering Science and Techonolgy Co., Ltd(CECEC) visited China Haisum on June,12th, including chairman of the board Mr.Ding, vice chairman of the board Mr.Yuan, Chief Financial Officer Mr.Wang, the board secretary Mr.Luo and their party. They received a warm reception gave by the top management group of China Haisum, including President Mr.Yan, Vice President Mr.Xu, Chief Financial Officer Mr.Hu, the board secretary Mrs.Xue and President Assistant Mr.Qi.
      China Haisum and CECEC are the only 2 listed companies in the Design Institutes.  The two companies have kept long good terms with each other, but it was the first meeting since both listed. This meeting offered necessary help for the development and cooperation in the capital market and further fields between two companies.
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